7 Usage

Start LinLogBook. Open your database from the File menu. Now you can enter your qso data. To make the logging easier, you can select default values for the band and the mode.
You can search in your loogbook for a qso with a special callsign by entering the callsign in the callsign field. If you enter only some initial values all callsigns starting with these values are looked for and the qsos are listed.

 7.1 File Menu
  Open Database
  New Database
  Export for EQSL upload
  Export for LotW upload
  Print QSL Card
  Save Database Definition
  Save Views
  Import cty.dat
  Import Adif File
  Export Adif File
 7.2 Edit Menu
  Create Baseteables
  Define Database Fields
  Create QSO Table
  Update Basetables
  QSL Card Setup
 7.3 Statistics
 7.4 Server Mode